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Overwhelmed and disillusioned, a husband and his wife struggle with their realities in an emotional journey as they strive to hope.


Bedridden, Amina has cerebral palsy and her parents, Jassim and Noora, must ensure that she receives the proper care. While Noora gives up her work in order to stay at home with her daughter, Jassim seems to slowly lose interest in life itself. Constrained and desperate, the couple increasingly lead separate lives as their sense of loss pervades.
A series of coincidences, however, bring new hope… Jassim borrows his brother’s taxi and takes tourists around the island. One particular drive into the desert seems to change everything for him. There, at the legendary Tree of Life, he becomes mesmerized by his passengers’ attraction to the tree and is suddenly overwhelmed by the surroundings.
In an unexpected convergence of experiences, an intruder breathes an air of optimism in the family home, but at the height of Noora’s aspirations, her surroundings perish. Revolving around their daughter’s existence, Jassim and Noora’s marriage is tested time and again.


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Filming The Sleeping Tree was always bound to be difficult work as it necessitated shoots in the dry Bahrain desert and true to the locality, cast and crew had to witness the severe weather conditions of our seasonal sandstorms. This was quite the experience for our foreign team members! Still, we had lots of fun meeting the camels, travelling around the island, discovering our musical talents and absorbing more of the local culture and heritage.
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"He [Buali] seamlessly intersperses the tragic reality of life with Sufi spirituality and transcendence… Perhaps Buali is a great testament to the vision of Gulf filmmakers, but also their humility in accepting criticism and reinventing their stories. For the good of great cinema."
E. Nina Rothe, Huffington Post
"The Sleeping Tree promises to raise the profile of Bahraini filmmakers and culture… [we] hope this feature film marks the beginning of the development of a viable local film industry."
Nedhal Saleh Al Aujan, CEO of the Bahrain Development Bank.
"The Sleeping Tree examines community and familial challenges, which are often neglected in the common perception of Bahrain and the Gulf region."
Jamaan Al Rowaie
"We are honoured to be able to support Bahrain's performing arts industry by partnering with The Sleeping Tree. We see this as an important film that will shed light on our Kingdom's culture and heritage while providing a platform to showcase some of the incredible local talent we have in the Kingdom."
Mohammed Amin Hulaiwah, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, Gulf Air
"[The film] presents an authentic portrayal of a flawed but essentially good couple struggling to come to terms with their misfortune… it promises to be a fascinating and unusual study of a domestic crisis."
Doha Film Institute


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Bahraini film in Red Carpet Gala event in Dubai
The Sleeping Tree competes for Muhr Feature Award
Bahraini film, The Sleeping Tree, will have its world premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) on 13th December in a Red Carpet Gala screening in Madinat Jumeirah Arena. The festival, taking place until 17th December, is showcasing 15 films competing in the respected Muhr Feature Awards, including The Sleeping Tree.


Bahrain film in World Premiere at DIFF
The Sleeping Tree in award lineup
Bahraini film, The Sleeping Tree, will have its world premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) in December this year. The festival which takes place between 10th and 17th December will showcase 15 films competing in the respected Muhr Feature Awards, including The Sleeping Tree.


Gulf Air Partners with Bahraini Feature Film ‘The Sleeping Tree’
Gulf Air, the Kingdom of Bahrain's national carrier, recently partnered with Bahraini feature film, The Sleeping Tree's producers in support of the Kingdom’s performing arts industry. Overseeing the agreement was Gulf Air Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, Mr. Mohammed Amin Hulaiwah, and film screenwriter and producer, Mr. Fareed Ramadan.


Bahraini film director shoots scenes from upcoming film
Renowned actor, Jamaan Al Rowaie, returns to the big screen with his leading role in Bahraini film, The Sleeping Tree, as he joined the cast and crew on location at the Sheraton Bahrain Hotel over the weekend.


Bahraini actress cast in lead role in Bahraini film, The Sleeping Tree
Haifaa Hussain, the popular Bahraini actress has been cast to play the leading female role in Bahraini feature film, The Sleeping Tree. Filming is scheduled to begin later this month. Produced by Nooran Pictures and the Information Affairs Authority (IAA), The Sleeping Tree was written by Fareed Ramadan and will be directed by Mohammed Rashed Buali.


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